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juju angeles is a writer, educator, and activist based out of New York. She is the founder of, a new, online platform for her (a babymama) to reimagine and redefine babymamahood and conjure what that means on her (and her daughter's) terms. She is also the creator of A Mami & Zi Love Adventure Project.  Her mission is to empower mothers—mankind's conduit—because that is the way we empower the world. She teaches from Westchester to New York City through various art organizations, schools and shelters as a poet, activist, and THUG (T.ruly H.umble U.nder G.od).

She is the main contributor of the site unless otherwised noted

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JeSansChez is "awesome on two legs." A bi-borourgh based NYC native. She is a performance poet and urban Art curator. Through open mics and Art events her company, ArtLovesHer, works to present and preserve the work of women [& of color] artist. Find out more about her work at

She curates the series Joi Ride: Reimagining Motherhood After Divorce

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