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Traditional Birth Attendant

My philosophy is rooted in the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of birth.

What is a Birth Doula?

A birth doula is someone who provides continuous care and support from pregnancy, labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period. We help prepare you prenatally for your labor and birth, gather resources and tools, create a birth vision, and help the birth person and their team for the wild ride of birth and parenting. We provide emotional, physical, informational, and spiritual support. Although we are not medical professionals, we are experts in birth.


What to expect from working with Babymamahood

When you work with me, my package includes three personalized prenatal visits where we prepare you with a birth and postpartum plan. Our meetings will consist of emotional and informational support to encourage the best transition into parenthood. We will go over what to expect during your labor, birth, and the postpartum period. We also go into optimal nutrition and exercises that increases your likelihood of shorter labor and easeful birth. I will answer any questions you or your partner may have. We will also meet with my backup doula. I am on-call as soon as you hire me. 

When you go into labor, I will meet you at your home and cook, clean, massage, help set up your birthing place for homebirth, provide labor support, and/or assist in any way to make sure you feel at ease. My goal is for you to understand what normal birth looks like and I can let you know when it is time to call your midwife or health care provider. If your birth location is outside of the home, I will transition with you to your birth place. 

I will stay with you during your labor and birth (no matter how long or how short) and will provide two postpartum visits where we will discuss the birth, infant feeding, and any answer any questions or give you referrals as you may need. During the postpartum period, I will provide support in optimal healing of you uterus, exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor, and educate you on infant care.

My overall goal is to empower and equip you as much as possible with the tools you need to jumpstart you from pregnancy to parenthood.


Affects of having a birth doula

Support from a person trained in birth support:

  • increases the likelihood of vaginal, unmedicated labor & birth

  • decreases the use of unnecessary interventions, like cesarean birth, pain medication, and inductions.

  • shorter labors

  • healthier babies

  • increase of satisfaction of birth

Getting continuous care also improves relationships with partners and other children. It decreases mood disorders and allows for optimal connection with baby.


Kind words from past clients


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My Name is Davina D. Estrella Ramey. I am a Full Spectrum Doula, Community Centered Herbalist, Counselor, Spiritualist, Craftswoman,Wife and Mother of 6. I had the pleasure of Juju's assistance during my 3rd trimester or pregnancy with my 6th child. I was having my second c-section and was in need of some assistance around my home before baby was born as my husband was working quite a bit. Juju was very helpful in assisting me in preparing my home to welcome baby, organizing, cooking healthy meals and being a good listening ear with all of my concerns around a second cesarean. She was punctual and attentive. She always made my husband feel included in conversations and was very good at maintaining a neutral and balanced approach in all circumstances. She provided facts when necessary and always made me feel that it was my decision to do whatever I needed in the end and she would support me regardless. Being that we share the same profession, I can say it was a breath of fresh air to have someone knowledgeable and experienced by my side during this empowering yet vulnerable time, so I could put my logical mind to rest and allow myself to be cared for with confidence. It was an honor to receive Juju's support and I would recommend her competent service to anyone as well as I look forward to working with her to serve and attend other families in the future. We need more Strong Focused Educated Compassionate Afro Indigenous Women like this one in our communities. I wish her all the best in her journey to Midwifery.

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I wanted to work with you because, I trusted you. I've always told women they I wanted to work with you because, I trusted you. I've always told women they should work with a birth worker if possible. When I found out I was pregnant and when I was ready, taking my own advice was best for me and baby. Knowing I knew you Juju and that you where going back into birth work. Once I knew you would be on board it was a go. Having a women of color and a mother as my doula gave me comfort. And at that time I needed the support of comfort and familiarity. It helped to have someone to speak to, being pregnant can be lonely. You’re with your thoughts a lot. Having you come over and share a meal was also important. I've definitely told folks about you and will continue to do so. Keeping in good communication is helpful. When you’re pregnant you want to be noticed and care for. At the same time you need space to think freely without being judged. Thank you for being there for me. -Jazmine

When I became pregnant with the second baby, I was worried because I was told that once a c-section always a c-section. We found each other through the Homeless Prenatal Program and there I learned that wasn’t true. I decided to give a go at a vaginal birth. You supported me through affirmations, touch, and massage. My favorite comfort measure was when you stroked my hair. It reminded me of my mother, who I miss and lived to far away to be at the birth. During transition, Juju provided counterpressure and kept telling me how I could do it, even when I shouted, “I want the EPIDURAL.” (LOL). After a few minutes in transition, I birthed my daughter vaginally. I could have not done it without Juju’s support. Thank you so much. -L.M

El apoyo de Juju fue muy importante para mí. Como madre soltera e inmigrante, estaba buscando cuidado y apoyo que no juzgue a nadie. Juju y su hija, eran tan encantadoras y conocedoras del nacimiento. En unas pocas semanas, me prepararon para el nacimiento y me defendieron en Alta Bates. En uno de los momentos más vulnerables de mi vida, Juju estaba allí para hacerlo. Dios te bendiga. -Maria // The support of Juju was very important to me. As a single mother and an immigrant, I was looking for non judgemental care and support. Juju and her daughter, were so lovely and knowledgable around birth. In a few short weeks, they prepared me for birth and advocated for me at Alta Bates. In one of the most vulnerable times in my life, Juju was there for . God bless you. -Maria