Flower Power Smoke Blends: Serenity

Flower Power Smoke Blends: Serenity


For those of us who love to roll one up, light it up, inhale, and blow the troubles away, this flower blend will have you let go and remember who you were before the hateration came you way.

Featuring rose, lavender, mullein, and hemp. This blend was made with bringing peace and ease to the mind, body, and spirit.

Rose stimulates and elevates the mind, creating a sense of wellbeing. Great to calm frigidity.

Lavender is all about soothing hyperactivity. It address sorrow and depression. It is great for insomnia and to relieve anxiety.

Mullein is a great plant ally typically used to calm asthma, colds, and infections. It is used in this blend because it gives the blend a smooth and even smoke.

Sour OG is a blend well known for enhancing creativity, relaxing, and trusting the self.

Could also be used to make a cup of tea.

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