Herbal Boxes towards Midwifery

Herbal Boxes towards Midwifery

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From March 2019 to September 2019, I’m going to launch monthly boxes to supplement my midwifery expenses & enhance your self care practices. All of the materials I use are plant based. They are natural, organic, locally harvested, or grown in my garden.

This is the way I grew up. Mostly relying on natural alternatives to common emotional, physical, & spiritual ailements.

My favorite plant to work with is cannabis. Because of the way it’s being treated, I grow this plant outdoors on my own. This plant has given me many downloads. It is important to tell me whether or not you want cannabis infused products and if it matters to you if it’s pyschoactive or not. I work with the whole plant, including the flowers.

My plan with the Boxes are to send boxes with things I make:

  • cannabis infused bath salts

  • abuelita’s remedio, a liniment for paint & arthritis

  • cannabis olive oil to be used with abuelita’s remedio

  • body butter

  • aromatherapy blend for emotion rejuvenation & freedom

  • Plant based candle

  • Down-there steams

  • herbal smoke blends

  • herbal tinctures for anxiety & insomnia

  • syrups for cold & flu & preventative care

  • etc, etc

Each month there will be a different box. There are $60 and $120 boxes available.

For people who pre-order their boxes, they will receive free shipping for the next 6 months

You can pre-order one now or the seven boxes now.

Each month, the boxes will be made through my practice of herbal care that is guided by the Earth, my ancestors, and spirit. So, I appreciate your patience and your openness in purchasing a box now or each month.

Those who order the bigger boxes will receive all of the things I make each month, while the smaller boxes will receive half. Both will equate the value of what you buy. $60 boxes will have $60 worth of products, while $120 boxes will have $120 worth of products.

To get an insider’s look to what the last box included, click here.

Thank you for supporting Black Indigenous Midwives in the making.

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