I want to apologize in advance because I am not good with keeping up with this site. I want to get better at this because I really want to transition into being an artist & mama fully. 

Anywhooo, I forget that not everyone who visits this site is also my friend on Facebook. So, if you aren't, you must be wondering if I ever got Zi from NY. The good news is that I did. She's been in Cali since New Years Day. I enrolled her in an awesome school in East Oakland & we are maintaining as best as we can. 

The struggle is still real, but I thank god every chance I get because we sleep warmly & eat every day. & that is enough for the everyday. 

I compiled a photo journey that depicts the journey from me visiting Oakland, coming back to NY, getting the job, going back to Oakland by myself, going back to get Zi from NY, & bringing her with me. Woooo, chile! is all I can say. Oh, & enjoy! :