#FlashBackFriday in Recognition of #BlackBreastfeedingWeek2015: Zi & Me

 Middle finger to the world! Nothing matters when you are on that nip. #beenmilky #blackbreastfeedingweek2015

Middle finger to the world! Nothing matters when you are on that nip. #beenmilky #blackbreastfeedingweek2015

Black Breastfeeding Week 2015 is from August 25th-31st. It is an initiative that sheds light on the injustices that black babies & families face from the womb & to also serve as an inspiration for black women to breastfeed.

You are not alone.

When I was pregnant with Zi, I already knew that I was going to breastfeed her for a long time. I did a lot of research & asked my family what their traditions around breastfeeding were. I am thankful that my immediate family, my mama, supported my decision. She was breastfed in the Dominican Republic until she was 5 years old. But I wasn't supported in my hood. The young women who did have children rarely breastfed. They may have done it in the hospital, but that's about it. 

I think that women who decide NOT to breastfeed (outside of health concerns) do with the lack of concerned, quality support, & lack of information available to new black mothers in the hood. I also feel like there is a negative relationship to breastfeeding for oppressed, enslaved people in this country because black women were wet nurses. The generational trauma doesn't allow them to even WANT to breastfeed. Another reason may be because women feel like the baby would do fine with Similac, which is one of the worst things you could ever give your child. #IJS, do your research. Start with the article: Exploring the Ingredients in Similac Infant Formula

But, I want to proclaim *Raises hand* that poor black mothers do breastfeed their children! I am one of them. & since moving to the West Coast (which is the best coast) I have seen hecka po', black women breastfeed their seeds.

I advocate for titty milk all day everyday. Breast milk is the best milk. And I #beenmilky. This #FBF is proof. I am serving y'all my bare chest for the first time, publicly... Hope Zi is okay with that ;-)

To read more about Black Breastfeeding Week: http://blackbreastfeedingweek.org/

Shout out to Summayah Franklin for putting me on to Black Breastfeeding Week.

Read her story to see how she is using her voice & body to support & celebrate black motherhood: http://www.gofundme.com/moreblackmidwives

Tell me,  what are your feelings around breastfeeding are? Were you breastfed as a child? Will you breastfeed your children?

In nipple solidarity,

-Mama Juju