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Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas While On A Budget

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas While On A Budget

Oh snap! Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

All around, I see vendors selling roses, stuffed animals, and tee-shirts commemorating mamas. Not for nothing, a lot of those presents are meaningless and shows how lazy our minds are. I hate to sound so harsh, but I don't need a rose, or a tee-shirt, or a stuffed animal. There are plenty of teddy bears in my daughter's toy bin.

Every Mother's Day, my Facebook timeline and phone are flooded with heartfelt (and generic) messages of appreciation. Although, I'm grateful for the thought, it would be nice to receive a gift I can archive and come back to. Something that wont give me more cavities or will wilt and die.

We consume things unnecessarily. That is the gimmick of capitalism. To buy things we think we need to buy, but don't need. I am that mom who would rather up-cycle or make a gift, than buy a new one. I like giving gifts that create an experience for me and the receiver. Often the best gifts are simple, thoughtful, and personally energized by the creator. I wrote this post as a guide on how to show your appreciation for a mama, affordably and wholeheartedly. 

As I get so many handmade gifts from my daughter, I see myself wishing that she will always draw and write me beautifully crafted cards. One year, Zi made me a heart necklace made from baked clay. I remember wearing it the entire week I was away in California. Every time I though of her, I would grasp the heart around my neck, it felt like I was holding her hand.  

 Me wearing Zi's heart at VONA 2011  with amazing writers, Danielle Charlestin, Ibi Zoboi, & Juno Díaz.

Me wearing Zi's heart at VONA 2011  with amazing writers, Danielle Charlestin, Ibi Zoboi, & Juno Díaz.

So, if you know a mama and you want to celebrate her on Sunday (or on any day) I've come up with some gift ideas that won't cost you much but your imagination. Gifts, I wouldn't mind receiving. *wink wink* But, more importantly gifts that creates a memorable experience for the receiver and the giver. 


We’ve heard of this one before, right? This one is super simple, but I feel like we don’t to it enough.  

Create a coupon either with paper, scissors, and markers. Or, I went online and googled, “make your own coupons" and I found this free website,

I made this one in under a minute: 

Do you know how much it costs to hire a babysitter these days? Or the guilt a mama feels in asking for help. It's hard sometimes, so why not offer your time and take the little one, while you give your fellow mama-friend a gift of freedom for several hours. 

Some suggestions: If you have a skill, create custom ones. If you are mechanic, you can offer a free oil change. Or if you are an artist, you can provide a half an hour art lesson. You can also coupon to come over and cook dinner one night. Or offer to do laundry one Sunday. Or offer a Mami & Me photography session.

Feeling ambitious create ten coupons, print them out, cut them, staple the end, and create a small booklet. 

Don't forget to set the terms. For instance, maybe you will like 48 hours notice, so that you can prep the meals and schedule your time effectively and fairly. 

Create a Virtual Scrapbook or Collage of Baby & Mama #Selfies

I love taking selfies with Zi. So, why not use all those liked photos and create a virtual scrapbook or collage?

Are you Facebook friends with your babymama-friend? Or follow her on Instagram? Create an online scrapbook for your babymama and add special notes of affection. This one may take a little extra time to create, but when that fellow mama sees your effort, she will bust her face wide open with a smile. 

Smilebox is a beautiful and simple platform to create collages and scrapbooks online. They have an iPhone app as well, so if you don't want to spend too much time creating a scrapbook, you can create collages for all your mama-friends and share it with them through your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

You will first have to download your favorite photos, pick a design, add some text, and then share it. It's simple, memorable, and creative.

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Personalize your own free scrapbook design

You can always create words and images through Microsoft Word and turn it into a PDF. Or just do it the old fashion way with cut and paste (with your hands, not the trackpad). 

Frame It

Tired of digital everything? Why not take that great collage, and go the the 99cents store and get a beautiful frame?

Make sure you get the dimensions of your document right before buy the frame. I recommend creating an 8x10 document. 

Or are you a skilled emcee/writer/poet? Create an original piece, type it up, add a beautiful border, and frame that.

This idea will cost you $1.07 at the 99cents store.

How about those cards that don’t reflect the diversity of mamahood?

Tired of the lack of diversity with Hallmark and how they do not represent the full range of what families and motherhood looks like? 

I found this awesome organization and website that does, The organization that created this campaign Strong Families mission is to "change the way people think, feel and act in support of families."

I was so geeked when I went to the website and found legendary, Tanya Fields face with her babygirl. I made this one fairly quickly and emailed it to her. 

You can also download it, edit it, print it, and add it to a gift you've created or bought. 

The site has amazing options for all kinds of mamas. All. Check it out. Motherhood is not about having a vagina. It is about the journey. 


Surprise a babymama in your life. Remember, motherhood is an everyday journey, so feel free to surprise a fellow babymama with a special note of your affection any other day of the year. Also, feel free to use these as additions to gifts that you've bought. The sky is your platform, create!


What other ideas do have? What are some gifts that you have created? Comment below and share your ideas to honor the divine mama in our lives.

Side note: If you decided to do any of these, hashtag #babymamahoodday so I can see them and ask to feature them on the website. 

Much love, 


Meditation on Mother's Day For Those of Us Who Suffer

Meditation on Mother's Day For Those of Us Who Suffer

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