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(AMI) A Mother's Intuition Stories Seeks Mothers & Those Who Love Us

(AMI) A Mother's Intuition Stories Seeks Mothers & Those Who Love Us

“I am pregnant, now what?” is what Elena Perez asked google when she found that she missed her moon cycle. 

Elena Perez is the creator of A Mothers Intuition Stories, a video-documentary series that captures birthing people in their mental, physical, and spiritual transition into motherhood. Through this project, her hope is to capture the lessons from pregnancy and to inspire other people to trust their decisions in parenthood. 

In our society, birth happens all the time, but it’s a mystified process. Most folks don’t know what happens during pregnancy, birth, or during the postpartum period. It’s not surprising considering birth is separate from our day to day lives; we have moved birth from homes into hospitals. There is a lot of uncertainties, confusion and anxieties in pregnancy. It’s interesting that the way we got here is a technical mystery to the majority of us. 

However, birthing people hold a multitude of stories. Stories that aren’t shared with EVERYONE enough. In the journey into parenthood, you learn real quick who and what is meaningful to you. Suddenly you become a facilitator of life, not only for the newborn but also for yourself. It’s through this process that you finally realize how tough and resilient birthing people are. 

Elena Perez says that she started the project after her own surprise pregnancy. 

She writes on Kickstarter:

“When I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I felt an overwhelming flood of worries and anxieties about what I felt was a lack of knowledge about how to prepare for this life-changing journey with holistic success, and how it would affect my then-current idea of myself.

After asking around my peers, I found that they were also anxious, for a variety of different reasons about the experience of or the concept of being pregnant. However, most did not know how to address these internal fears. In identifying this gap in cultural/community knowledge, I knew it was one too big to leave agape. I created AMI Stories to serve as thought starters to help women think through their own personal questions--questions whose answers will impact the rest of their lives.”

Currently, Elena is raising monies through Kickstarter to finish the series. She is raising funds to cover the cost of videographers, editors, and for travel to the interviewees. She hopes to gain a diverse range of experiences and is interested in interviewing women that can articulate their spiritual and mental shift as a result of their pregnancy. She wants to capture the time when birthing people defined parenthood for themselves in a way that empowered their version of motherhood. 

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In solidarity, 

Mama Juju

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