How Our Ancestors Gave Birth (Video)

Here is what our ancestors did during birth since the ancient times!!

I am an advocate in looking back to see how our ancestors did things. There is a knowing that we have lost because of modernization. In this short documentary, we see the classic birthing pose. This pose is named that because it is the way that most birthing people gave birth. This is what birth is supposed to look like in every single situation, outside of EXTREMELY rare occasions. The proof is right here through art and anthropological observations from around the world. 

Mother's Advocate published this video. They are a nonprofit and an online resource that empowers birthing people to take birthing back into its natural state through knowledge. Thank you for this visual! Thankful for all the hands that created this beautiful snapshot on the most sacred ritual: BIRTH! Thank you for our ancestors and this body that carries all the wisdom birthing people need.

Pinch yourself, you were once an ancestor.

How did you get here?

In wisdom,

Mama Juju