Halloween with Style POC Edition 2015

Halloween keeps getting better & better for me. As a mom, I get to play dress up the kid. As a kid, I was not allowed to participate because of how misrepresented it was in my motherjesus eyes. So now, I actually get to celebrate dressing up bc my mom isn't breathing down my back with her dismissal of the dead.

But, this ain't about my mommy issues...


I had a lot of fun this year. My daughter's school does not celebrate Halloween, so they came up with a concept called CHANGE MAKERS DAY, which had the children working all month long doing research on a peaceful change-maker that they choose. They had to write reports, present it, & dress up as the change maker. 

My daughter was Rosa Parks & before I show you her costume, I complied from Facebook and IG some of the best dress downs I found on this Fun Fun Day. 

Here we go!

What did you think? Okay, some of these were like absolutely CRAZY, but I laughed my ass off none the less. I also got noglastic when I saw Coming to America & Salt-n-Pepa... I loved all of them. They were great.

Now, to check out my babygirl: 

Isn't she channeling the Parks. YAS... I hope y'all all had a lovely time this Halloween! I went as MJ, who did you go as?

Show me some of yours & your fams halloween costumes. I wanna see! 

-Mama Juju