Babymamahood is a mother and daughter led project, founded on the ancestral science of our abuelitas y elders. It is a living space where we share how we thrive in Babylon (the hood) . We honor all the elemental forces that have allowed us to learn this very simple healing practice and we thank all our ancestors and relations who continue to bless and support this work. Our goal is to inspire and to help sustain the lives of mamas and babies everywhere.

Based in Oakland, CA.

Zion and Juju create potions to love on sadness and recovery. 

2. Letting go of Facebook (sort of)

It’s just everywhere. Technology.  It intersects with my life so much that I had to let it go. I wake everyday and after I turn my alarm clock app off, I check my Facebook notifications and timeline.  I am pretty embarrassed to say that Facebook has become a part of my daily morning ritual like using the toilet and brushing my teeth. I’ve always been jealously inspired by those who say that they don’t have a Facebook. I mean, Facebook is pretty cool, not because everyone uses it, but because the amount of information and connections that are made through wall post, discussions, sharing media, private groups, and being invited to events. Facebook is a great way to stay connected. However, I’ve been struggling in balancing this connection. Facebook can make you so connected that you are disconnected by the real world, the one that is around your whole being, not just in your hands. There is something inauthentic about having the world, or what is perceived to be the world, or what connects you to the world in your hands. Because in having that much control, you also have the potential to create an imaginary world. A world solely based on what you want to know. Technology can also play on the farce of connection. It is a place where people can just look you up online to see if you are alive or what has been on your mind lately. It places a bubble around me, a bubble I am ready to pop. Overall, I think I am going to learn who are my real life friends are in real life. Who will step away from the convenience of a click and actually reach out to me to build and evolve our friendships. Time for me to face that. Let’s see how long I will last on this fast.

3. To the women who write

Dear Diary & Mantra: Letting go of limiting beliefs