Babymamahood is a mother and daughter led project, founded on the ancestral science of our abuelitas y elders. It is a living space where we share how we thrive in Babylon (the hood) . We honor all the elemental forces that have allowed us to learn this very simple healing practice and we thank all our ancestors and relations who continue to bless and support this work. Our goal is to inspire and to help sustain the lives of mamas and babies everywhere.

Based in Oakland, CA.

Zion and Juju create potions to love on sadness and recovery. 

Dear Diary & Mantra: Letting go of limiting beliefs

I let go of the staggering belief that having a stable job will take away from my creativity and role as a mother. I have believed in this limited view for so long that I have taken away from the value of the entirety of life because I feel like I need all the time in the world to create and to be a mom. The truth is I can do this. I have done it before. I have raised a daughter, founded a club, fundraised, taught, wrote a manuscript, and taken 28 credits all in the span of 5 months. I have graduated with a B average and chilled with love ones along the way. I have the people I need in my life to be super successful and I have the people in my life I need to pick me up when I am not. 2014 is coming with a vengeance. I will start my masters of science in education, I will be a DOE teacher, and I will be a mother with some kickass health insurance. But more importantly, I will still create A Love Adventure Project, write and published these poems, and love Zion. Hopefully in there, I can build the architecture of new heart. Zi wants a dad- I am writing a post about what that did to me later. There is no math that encompasses any real understanding of what is possible. My artist friends, the government isn’t killing us. It is our lack of imagination. Our lack of commitment in letting go.

2. Letting go of Facebook (sort of)

(Music) Brooklyn's Own Chelsea Reject Radi-8s