Moments like these

I wear you in remembering. A butterfly colored kiss. Its wingspan on my chest.The curtains knotted. The mouth of the window wanting. The frame of the door opened. The draft through the rail of bones. I find solace in the wind. The miles it carries. The touchscreen of its face. Its light body, bubbling on my nipples. What is this body without the sweep of your fingers? What am I without the ocean’s breath? What do I become when I am emptied of you? The eye of time, its tiny blinks... Is it the same wherever you are, changing?

I lay under the faucet of the tub, open my legs to its thunder. I call to your features. Soak in its water. This is how I remember you, Love. Through the silence of the wind, the rumble in my belly, telling me call him; you are hungry for his blood.