An Uncovering (A Free Write)

I am ready to open my heart in ways I have I always imagined. To be fully accepted and received as a complete woman. To be honored with masculinity, vulnerability and honesty. I am ready for Zi to experience the unconditional love of a man she can call father. A man who comes home every night with pockets full of love and money. I am ready to support him to birth our empire.  I believe in the power of our lips and of our hips. I am ready to dissolve the past until there is no trace of empty land, lonely hearts, until there is no trace of the poverty that raised us up to be this passionate and despondent. I am ready to receive and to give from a place of unlimited source-love.  I am ready for the backyard of slides, smiles, and barbecues. To cutting grass and clearing out gutters. I am ready for my man to emerge from the night of my mind. I am ready to raise the children of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I understand that childhood ends the moments we start walking aligned with our dreams. And childhood begins in those vulnerable states of dissatisfaction and sickness… We are all in cycles, like the seasons, we must start anew like the sun, the moon, the days, and the years…  I am ready to be love in this way and to leave behind all the people not willing to move in this effortless ease of love, and the seasons thereof.... Remember the last time you felt your body fill up and how easy it was to dance, to give yourself to the mouth of today, remember that filling feeling. Remember when you forgot and how you spilled and all you wanted was a to recollect yourself elsewhere, to leave your family, your friends, and your love. Remember how empty that felt?… When was the last time you whisper your dreams to the world and believed in them? Are you ready for that season of love, of exploring the unknowing of your undoing, so you can be ready for the kind of bliss everyone wants, and yet not everyone receives... I am ready. He is coming to me. It is coming to me. Uncover me.

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