Babymamahood is a mother and daughter led project, founded on the ancestral science of our abuelitas y elders. It is a living space where we share how we thrive in Babylon (the hood) . We honor all the elemental forces that have allowed us to learn this very simple healing practice and we thank all our ancestors and relations who continue to bless and support this work. Our goal is to inspire and to help sustain the lives of mamas and babies everywhere.

Based in Oakland, CA.

Zion and Juju create potions to love on sadness and recovery. 

A Love Adventure Project: Will Zi Remember Being Six?


One of my best friends asks me, “Do you think that Zion will remember this trip?” Her concern is that Zion is only six. Honestly, this isn’t something that I have considered because I wholeheartedly assumed that she would. She remembers me breastfeeding her, she remembers her schools and teachers from pre-school and daycare. She remembers dance routines. She remembers me being gone.


Zi is a typical six year old girly girl. She is artsy, funny, and loves dolls. She does everything from picking out her own outfits, to reminding me of tests and activities she has in school. It is so refreshing to me when Zi says, “Maaaa, I have to do my homework.” And I am like, “Oh, yea you right.” A sign I need to slooow down. Zi is a type of child who is very independent. I give her responsibilities, because I tell her, “It is just me and you, so we have to take care of one another.” Zi cleans up after herself. She offers to wash dishes. This child has fung shui our room. I am not kidding or exaggerating her awesomeness.

Last year she began dancing with Tamico Dancing School. She began more than halfway through the year. Because I was going to school full time, I was not there for most practices. (I still am not because of work.) Her teacher came to me and was like, “Do you know that I didn’t teach Zion three of the five dances. She learned them on her own.” I don’t think Zion will necessarily remember the names of all the people she will meet, or all the places we’ll go. I am not sure if she will remember the dates and times. But, one thing is certain for me. Zi will remember this trip because of the stark contrast of scenery, routine, and culture. She will remember this in ways that will propel us forward and challenge us as mom and daughter.

I see us building beautiful dreams out of y/our love.



A Mami & Zi Love Adventure project is an 8 week intensive trip that will cultivate a new ritual in their lives. Juju, a single mami, teaching artist, has spent the better part of Zi's life working, schooling, and writing. This is her calling, asking you to help her give back time and love to her child. 

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