Hi, thank you for coming to my page. My name is Juju and I am mother to Zizi. This ‘about’ is written as a letter to you. If you are looking for a more succinct bio, please scroll down to the bottom.

Some of my past students

Some of my past students

Doula Journey

I am a doula, writer, mama, educator, yerbera, and soon to be Student Midwife. I became a doula because I know (first hand) how important this journey is for starting a new person.

It is not easy, tho. Society does a crummy job that makes it harder for people with uterus to get the reproductive care that they need. Often times, the care is solely medical and heavily focused on the fetus/baby, not the person, the mother, or the partner, and much less the community.

Mothers, dads, parents, and pregnant people need holistic support and care around this transformation of their lives & bodies. With the hospitalization of birth and the Medical Industrial Complex there are gaps in what is the normal physiological process of birth and infant care. But that is not you. You are here! Ready to learn more about me and if this is a space for you.

With family, the internet, friends, care professionals, and the (sometimes unsolicited) advice from everyone, it can all be extremely confusing, isolating, and frustrating. Everyone has different values and it may seem hard to decide what is the best thing for you AND your growing fetus and baby. As an educator and as a mother, I believe that knowledge is power and I am here to demystify the pregnancy and birth process. It is through knowing that we make empowered decisions led by our own desires and needs.

Every birthing person is different and I see my role as an advocate for you and of your family's needs.

I have attended VBACs, cesareans, vaginal births, and hospital births. To name a few of my expertise, I provide support as a Lactation Peer Counselor, Infant Care Educator, Spinning Babies provider, and helping your child transition into sibling-hood.  I also present at schools and organizations to provide foundational training in preconception planning and childbirth education.

My Pregnancy & Birth Story

3rd Trimester, 2007 with Zizi

When I became pregnant, I was shocked to hear all the ways people felt disempowered in their pregnancy and births. I had an unexpected orgasmic birth and I remember saying right after that I would give birth again and again. The nurses looked at me as if I was nuts!

What I did not know then, is that hospitals are not use to people having births that were blissful. In fact, it is not the norm at all. They are use to people complaining and struggling through the whole process. I felt great! I mean, I felt amazing and I could not sleep, because I was running high on adrenaline. My labor was relatively quick and straightforward, but more on that later…

What helped was support. Not googling every little thing online. I prepared for birth with as much ease as I could. Folks focus on so much stuff that doesn’t actually have an impact on your birth and parenting that when they have an infant at home, they do not need all the contraptions or machines, what they need is bodywork, household support, and someone to talk to.

On the other hand my mother was

My values in this work includes being:

Accessible - I make sure that my work is not only relatable, but that the information I share is digestible and easy to understand.  

Revolutionary - I offer a radicalized perspective that is centered in bringing back natural, holistic traditions that have been erased through hegemony and colonial violence.

Communal - Moving away from the unnatural process of individuality and codependency, my work values community as a key part of the healing process.  

Edgy - I’m straight-to-the-point and I always go against the grain. I’d rather be a pioneer than invest in a settler mentality.

I always feel a deep honor when I am a part of every birth. Doulas are worth their weight in gold. <3 Mama Juju <3